Our services adhere to the Collabora vision. Pride. Integrity. Passion. Perseverance.

Application Development

We develop your ideas from start to finish.

SharePoint Customization

We develop custom designs, solutions and webparts for all versions of Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint Online

We know how to implement your organization’s needs in the Microsoft cloud.

SharePoint Setup

We can help you get started with SharePoint in your organization.

Internet Site

We can develop and implement your cloud or on-premise hosted Internet site using technologies such as WordPress, SharePoint or plain html/css.

Solve Problems

We have a good working knowledge of Microsoft and software development technolgies in general. We have clients we hear from only a handful of times annually, when they need help to work out problems. Be it making a powershell script, system configuring or through communication with a third part vendor, we do not yield until the problem is solved. And we call a problem a problem, not a challenge. The challenge is to solve the problem and that challenge is ours.